THE- 102mm intake Y

Product information:

Das THE - Intake Y is manufacured from high-quality heat resistant synthetic material. It is casted as one piece what means that no mount or port is stuck on afterwards. 

The outside diameters are 102mm on 2x76mm. 

The response behavior and top performance are improved through the larger diameter.

We mostly use the Y in combination with THE - MAF housing, but it is also possible in combination with the Rs4 MAF. We also offer compatible silicone tubes.

To ensure stability and fitting accuracy we used the mounts for the OEM Rs4 Carbon cover from the S4 Y.

The Y is available in dead black. To achieve a shiny look it can be coated or treated with Plastic Primer.

Basic data:

  • Outside diameter of the pipes 102mm on 2x 76mm
  • Raw material: Synthetic material


Stück € 590,00