THE- pressure Y

Product information:

The THE-pressure Y is directly developed from us and based on the OEM Y from the Rs4.

It is manufactured from high-quality Alu - cast and edited with CNC.

It is placed on the OEM position and THE-Bi pipes or org. Rs4 Bi pipes can be used.

There is a surface in the middle of the Y where a water-ethanol injection can be mounted for example.

Depending on the milling there are three combinations possible:

1. S4 throttle valve - S4 intake manifold - S4 Y 

2. Rs4 throttle valve - Rs4 oder THE intake manifold - Rs4 Y

3. Rs6 throttle valve - Rs4 oder THE intake manifold - Rs6 Y

Second-hand reworked throttle valves on request.

Basic data:

Manufactured from Alu - cast

Included in scope of delivery: all necessary O-Rings and screws.


S4 Y 299€
Rs4 Y 299€
Rs6 Y 349€