THE- Bi pipe

Product information:

THE-Bi pipes are manufactured from a 63,5mm Alu pipe without weldingseams. The flange is is CNC milled, 100% exact and tight. 

THE-Bi pipes are available for Rs4 and S4.

A reduction is welded on the bottom end of the S4 pipes so that the OEM tube and intercooler can still be used. 

Therefore we recommend to use THE-Narrow fan set! 

Advantages over the OEM item:

More throughput because of a larger diameter.
The flange is screwed two times and has a larger diameter at it´s sealing face.
These items don´t burst open at the welding seam.

Basic data:

  • Outside diameter of the pipe is 63,5mm
  • Raw material is Alu
  • One set consists of left and right Bi pipe and distance sleeves for the Visco-fan.


Set RS4 € 350,00
Set S4 for S4 LLK € 380,00