THE- manifolds

Our manifolds are exclusively manufacured from 1.4828 heat resistant stainless steel pipes.

In contrast to conventional stainless steel the 1.4828 stands out with a minor thermal expansion, a high tensile strength and scaling resistance when temperatures are high.

It is an exhaust manifold which runs over three pipes into one using a collector which is cut with a laser.

The outside diameters are 42,3x2mm and 48,4x2mm.

The manifolds are welded with Wig. procedures and naturally formed.

The manifolds are available with K04, K16/24 and T25 flange pattern. On request we can also offer other manifolds. Additional exhaust temperatur or pressure pins also on request.

After welding the flange plate, wich is bolted to the cylinder head face, is milled.

The K04 turbocharger is of course in it´s original position.

With the K16/24 flange the OEM oil lines can still be used. We also offer compatible water lines.

With these manifolds and appropriate surrounding a performance of over 1000 hp is possible.


Manifold with K04 Flange € 1.799,00
Manifold with K16/24 Flange € 1.850,00