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Product information:

This is an exhaust gas temperature sensor (EGT) for the Audi RS4/S4 B5 and A6 4B 2.7T. This THE- exhaust gas temperature sensor can be replaced plug&play with the original part G235 & G236 (078919529S 078919529L) which is no longer available.  Our housing is designed to be used for both left and right side. This means that the brown, as well as the black plug can be connected to our housing.


Additional information:

  • Numbers of original parts no longer available:
    • 078919529S
    • 078919529R
    • 078919529K
    • 078998124B
    • 078919529L


  • The RS4/S4 B5 and A6 4B 2,7T are equipped with a brown and a black sensor ex works - if you want to replace both, please adjust the number of pieces accordingly when ordering.


  • It is also possible to use in an RS4/S4 the RS6 sensors but the software of the engine control unit must be adapted accordingly. (Please contact your software tuner before installing the RS6 sensors in a RS4/S4).
    • The advantage of installing the RS6 sensors is that the exhaust gas temperature can be displayed from 10°C via the engine control unit or via FIS Control. Compared to the OEM RS4/S4 sensors, only a temperature above 945°C is displayed.


  • We are currently working on developing sensors on which an additional display for the interior can be mounted - but this will still take a few months.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 RS4/S4 B5 Exhaust gas temperature sensor with integrated control unit